"Johannah's techniques were very creative and effective at helping me uncover subconscious beliefs that were holding me back.

Johannah helped me admit to myself what was important to me and outline my first steps toward my goal. I left our session feeling a renewed sense of peace and direction. I felt like my whole vision for my life was understood and validated by another person, and that's a great feeling."

— Cassie Hoblitz

Cassie Hoblitz

Cassie Hoblitz

"I have noticed A LOT in terms of how I have shifted my thinking, particularly my self-perception and self-esteem.

I started out feeling many negative things about myself, constantly falling short of my expectations and comparing myself with others. Through working with Johannah, I have been able to identify and understand how certain thought patterns that I thought were helping were actually holding me back instead of helping me achieve some of my goals.

I have become much more confidant, decisive, forgiving, and self-compassionate as I take a new path in my career.."

Hannah B.


“[Coaching] was the best gift I could give myself.

I've had a life coach before, but [she] was much older and couldn't connect to my generation. Johannah was so much more real and professional.

Not only did I feel like I could just speak candidly and honestly, she had so many useful tools and exercises that helped guide us.

I walked away with a true plan and timelines. I also appreciated how patient she was and let me think through the questions carefully. I can't recommend this enough! It was SO worth it."

Lindsey Gant, Vueltamerica

Lindsey Gant

Lindsey Gant


Lacy Mayberry

Lacy Mayberry

“I am walking away feeling motivated, prepared, and excited to begin my new project. Now I look towards fear and I am not afraid.” 

— E.S.

Johannah was an amazing coach. She led (and sometimes pushed!) me to dig deep and demystify my blocks and excuses and insecurities around my creative process.

Working with her spurred me into tangible action and I reprioritized writing--the work I care most about--and watched as my life and outlook shifted to support that change.

Working with Johannah bolstered my confidence and helped to unearth the part of me that believes that while life is complex, it also full of joy and hope. 

— Lacy Mayberry

“One goal of our session was for me to start figuring out where I want to go, professionally.

I have had many meetings since our conversation, where I've been learning, talking to people, interviewing. These are a direct result of our conversation."

— A.C.


“[Coaching] really made me think in a new perspective and put me into another mindset.

I have noticed that my mindset has changed to more positive since the session. I walked away with more confidence in myself and in making choices for my family and I in the future... knowing it is okay to not know exactly what will happen in the future and that at the same time I can work toward achieving something."

— M.T.


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