What is a Coach?

I'll start by saying what a coach is not: a mentor or a guru. I do not give advice. In my school of coaching, I’ve been trained to ask questions that get to your core truth so that you understand exactly what you want and what is motivating you. 

Coaches believe in the innate wholeness and inner wisdom of each person. My work with you will help you connect to your own inner wisdom and honor it with your actions. You will come out of this work relying on yourself – not dependent on a mental health professional.

Since my specialty is with recovering people-pleasers, I bring in resources like books, guided meditations, and podcasts that deepen our understanding of boundaries, self reflection, and identity.

How do I make the most of the free consultation call?

Here's the recipe to a great free consultation call:

  • Book a call

  • Notice what comes up in the days prior to the call: what are you anticipating? What are you nervous about?

  • Take five minutes before the call to ground yourself in your body. I'll also do a two minute grounding meditation at the beginning of the call.

  • After our conversation, take five minutes to journal your reflections and insights.

Isn't Coaching for Rich People?

The short answer: yes. People who hire coaches learn to see the abundance of money around them. They realize they've always had wealth. More than that, people who invest in their dreams, personal development, and businesses increase their incomes. 

I have scholarships that I offer on a rolling basis. If the potential coaching price tag is intimidating, let me know. I do not want anyone to feel barred from the opportunity to revolutionize their lives.