TT #14: Let your dreams die

Today we are letting our dreams die. Well, for now.

There is probably something you are dreaming about doing (exercising more, moving, getting married, learning another language, starting a Instagram food account) that just isn't feasible right now.

Acknowledge that it isn't going to happen. How long is it not going to happen for? Do you want to table it for a week? A month? Five years? You aren't killing the dream off completely – just putting it down for a nap. Let the dream know that you are very excited to go after it when it wakes up. But you're busy right now.

Wow, I just took a deep breath writing that. It feels good to let go.


Let me know what dreams you are tabling so I can cheer for you,


Tiny Tools instructions + day one

Welcome to day one of tiny tools. It's starting! I'm going to send out a tiny tool everyday for the next 365 days.

Emphasis on tiny. The idea here is that the smallest changes ripple out to the biggest results. They are the kind of tools you can play with and tailor to your own life. They require action and curiosity. They will not put you to sleep (#meditation).

And they get RESULTS. Like, settling into a creative flow more quickly. Not feeling anxious when you open your email. Feeling happy for others when you used to feel jealous. Making decisions based on what you want, not how guilty you feel.

Imagine who you would be if all of those things were true for you right now. I am guessing you would be closer to your best self. That's what we are going for here. My hope is that you wake up, read this email with your morning coffee (or matcha… I don't get you, but I respect you), and practice integrating the tools throughout your day.

Obviously integrating the tools is key. Here are some ways to incorporate the tool into your day:

  • send it to a friend to start conversation

  • put it in your calendar (ex. "Turn off phone 30 minutes before bed")

  • make an alarm (ex. "Have you done today's tiny tool?”)

  • post about it on Instagram for accountability

That's it y'all! I am excited about this. Just one last thing.

Here is my promise to you:

  • I promise to make these tiny tools short + accessible. 

  • I promise to only share tools I use in my own life.

  • I promise to make these tools quick and easy to learn (although they might not be easy to use at first).

  • I promise that if you use these tools, your life will change.

  • I promise that they are way easier to implement if you do them with a friend.

  • I promise that as you implement them, you will have greater intuition about which tools you need and which ones aren't for you.

And since this is day one, here is the first tiny tool:

Put your phone on the airplane mode at some point today. I put mine on airplane mode for the first hour I am awake. Choose a time right now (while you are working, on your lunch break, on your commute, while you are at dinner with friends, reading at a coffee shop) and commit to airplane mode.

Write it in your calendar as a reminder.

You are awesome,