TT #14: Let your dreams die

Today we are letting our dreams die. Well, for now.

There is probably something you are dreaming about doing (exercising more, moving, getting married, learning another language, starting a Instagram food account) that just isn't feasible right now.

Acknowledge that it isn't going to happen. How long is it not going to happen for? Do you want to table it for a week? A month? Five years? You aren't killing the dream off completely – just putting it down for a nap. Let the dream know that you are very excited to go after it when it wakes up. But you're busy right now.

Wow, I just took a deep breath writing that. It feels good to let go.


Let me know what dreams you are tabling so I can cheer for you,


TT #9: Self forgiveness practice

I've been thinking a lot about forgiveness lately. There is one specific forgiveness tool I love. It is a traditional Hawaiian practice called Ho’oponopono. In Hawaiian, this word means "correction." (although I bet it means many things that the Internet didn't tell me.)

We aren't doing the long, sacred traditional forgiveness practice here. We are doing the modified practice that a Hawaiian woman brought to the United Kingdom.

Here is the format:

I'm sorry

I forgive you

Thank you

I love you

Sooooo put something you want to forgive yourself for into the format. I'll do it as an example:

I want to forgive myself for using my hands too much and making them inflamed.



I'm sorry I get mad at you for using your hands.

I forgive you for forgetting that they need extra care.

Thank you for noticing when they hurt and changing your behavior.

I love you



Play around with it. If somebody else was involved in what happened, plug yourself into this little template and then plug them into the template.

And an extra note: forgiveness is really freaking hard. If you find it hard to forgive yourself for something, try using this format to forgive yourself for not being able to forgive. That's a thing!

You are awesome,