TT #23: But what do you want

One of the ways that we can train our minds is by telling it what to move towards instead of what to move away from. So instead of saying, "I want to feel less stressed out," I would say "I want to feel more centered."

If I hear myself say, "I don't want to eat so unhealthy this weekend," I correct it to, "I want to eat super healthy this weekend." Or, "this room is so humid," changes to "I'm going to air this room out."

This isn't about bypassing – I'm not saying, "pretend things that are bad are actually good and just be positive." This is about moving forwards instead of backwards. Acknowledge you are bothered and decide what you want to feel. Don't just get stuck on the fact that you are bothered.

Here's the question you can ask yourself, "if I want less of x, what do I want more of?"

You are awesome,


TT #17: Are you willing?

There are things that happen every day that annoy me every day. For example, I am super creative in the morning and have no creativity in the afternoon. Every day! Yet I still get frustrated by it, because I have work I want to do in the afternoon that requires creativity.

So a healthy dose of surrender is in order.

Here is how I am starting my day today: I am willing to lose my creative juice in the afternoon. I am willing to lose my creative juice in the afternoon. I am not going to fight it or force it. I am willing for it to happen, even though it isn't what I want.

What is one small situation in which you can practice surrender today?

Try this phrase, "I am willing…"

PS. This is super handy with moments when you anticipate your own annoyance. After high school, my mom forgot to pick me up about three times a week. I didn't have a cell phone so I would just sit and wait for her to remember. 

I would anticipate my own annoyance: "she's going to forget, but I'm still going to sit here on this curb and act surprised and indignant when it happens." I could have thought, "I'm willing for her to forget. I'll bring a book to read in the meantime." Notice when your brain tries to punish reality. Try surrender instead.

TT #15: good morning, body

Happy Monday! Or… Sorry it's Monday. This is a Choose-Your-Own-Greeting for ya. 

Now, notice what is happening to your body as you read this. Are you clenching your stomach? Is your forehead tense? Can you let your shoulders drop down a little bit? Can you feel where your skin makes contact with fabric? What about where your skin makes contact with air?

Notice the negative space surrounding you and everything around you. Put a time in your calendar when you can take a moment to do this exercise again today.

you’re awesome,