TT #20: Just because I am a coach doesn't mean...

If you are reading this in bed on Saturday morning... same. 

Today we are writing poems. Sometimes the word "poem" intimidates me and makes me not want to write one, so I refer to a poem as a “po” in all my Google Docs. I'll be doing that here too. There is this great format for writing a po that gets to the heart of an issue we are having. It's called a “Just Because" po.

Here's the template:

Just because I am __

doesn't mean I am__

doesn't mean I am__

doesn't mean I am__

I am__


Here's mine:

just because I am a coach

doesn't mean I am perfect

doesn't mean I know what is best for you

doesn't mean I give advice

I am not a mentor

Your turn! send me the po if you want to share it. And if you are down with a bigger audience, let me know if I can share it on social media. 

You are awesome,


TT #7: Guilt guilt go away

It's Sunday! Time for a tiny tool that helps us feel good about relaxing instead of guilty about not being productive. If the guilt monster creeps up today, here is your anthem:

I have enough. I do enough. I am enough.

Write it down, say it on your morning run, think it to yourself. You have enough, you do enough, you are enough.


you’re awesome,



TT #4: mantra time


It is actually two words. Man is Sanskrit for "the thinking mind." Tra is Sanskrit for "to liberate." When we use a mantra, we are freeing ourselves from our thinking mind so that we can go deeper into our consciousness. Take a moment right now to notice your breath in your stomach or gut. From that place in your stomach ask your thinking mind, "what do you need to hear today?"

 The answer I got was, "nothing bad is going to happen." So that's my mantra for the day. If I feel myself getting anxious or start to spiral, I'll give my thinking mind this little phrase it needs to chill out.

What's yours?

we're awesome,


ps. This is the translation I was given from a Nepalese Buddhist monk. There are other translations for this word out there.