TT #31: Yeah but what are you really feeling

This is a little writing exercise I used when I was in a poetry class and wanted to get my brain flowing.

First, notice what you are feeling right now emotionally. What are the physical sensations of that emotion in your body right now?

For example, I am revving up to start a workday so I feel attentive and a little eager/anxious. I feel this mostly in my tense forehead and tight chest.

Now let's do the writing exercise.

fill in the blanks:

if this feeling were a…

taste, it would be:

smell, it would be:

touch/texture, it would be:

sound, it would be:

sight/image, it would be:

That's it! Just fill in the blanks. Here is mine:

if this feeling were a…

taste, it would be: a cappuccino

smell, it would be:  the neighbor making dinner

touch/texture, it would be:  the feeling of putting more wax on my board when I am getting ready to surf

sound, it would be:  the intro music to a TV show I like

sight/image, it would be:  light from the sunrise hitting the treetops first

This tiny tool always helps me understand what I am feeling. After doing it today, I would say the tense, attentive, anxious energy I was talking about is actually just the feeling of beginning— sensing the hints of something about to happen.

What about you? What did this exercise leave you with?

You are awesome,