TT #29: Turning yeah into YES

There is a tiny tool for saying no, so I want to make a tiny tool for saying yes. Notice today when your yes is hesitant. What has to happen for this yes to become enthusiastic?

Some examples:

Want to get burritos?
-sure! (That's not enthusiastic… Do I actually want a burrito? No, but I want to hang out this person… YES if you are cool with me suggesting a different place!)

Can I call you back in 20?
-Yeah. (I'll probably be in the shower… YES if you text me instead of calling)

Can you give me a ride?
-sure. (I don't feel like having a conversation, but I don't mind giving you a ride… YES if you don't mind listening to loud music the whole time!)

Commit to only saying “yes” today if it is enthusiastic. (if you are in a work setting… Simply notice how often “yes” isn’t enthusiastic and how that impacts your feelings at work.)

You are awesome,