TT #28: Watching your Self

Buddhism talks about how there is no "self."

Our attachment to the idea of a self keeps us judgmental, anxious, rigid, because we have something to protect and guard. I've been noticing tiny ways that we use this idea of the self. Even just the way we explain ourselves to people – putting ourselves in boxes:

"I'm scared of dogs."
"I don't do mornings."
"I need ice in my water."
"I am super open with people."
"If I don't have a big breakfast I am hungry the rest of the day."
"I can't eat store-bought salad dressing."

Today, observe your own “I” statements: how are these statements potentially making you less flexible? How might they hold you back? Notice how these statements affirm your place in a certain group or your identity. What happens if you drop some of these “I” statements?

You are awesome,