TT #25: be meaner to yourself

I read a book by Buddhist nun Pema Chödrön all about being gentle and loving with yourself. But she follows this up with something surprising: discipline. Be gentle, but firm. I love this paradox. It makes me a good friend to myself – not pushing me to my breaking point or enabling dysfunction.

SOOO today's tiny tool is about discipline: where can you hold tight boundaries with yourself? I've been holding a tight boundary when I go on runs because I can be overly kind to myself when I workout... showing up and then not going for it. So I have been practicing loving discipline: if I show up to run, I'm going to put in the effort I am capable of. Where can you practice loving discipline?

Maybe it's about putting your phone on airplane mode an hour before bed or not online shopping at work or doing meal prep on Sundays. Or maybe it's really tiny, like turning off the TV after your show is over instead of squeezing in another episode.

Let me know what you choose! Accountability is another aspect of loving discipline.

You are awesome,


PS. Some of you have expressed interest in a Facebook group specifically for tiny toolers. If this is something you want… Email me back and let me know!