TT #24: Are you in the past or future?

Today's tiny tool is just a question:

Which feels closer to you, the future or the past?

When you drop into memories, does it feel like you could reach out and touch them? Are they crystal-clear? Or are they a little distant, disconnected, detached from you now?

When you look to the future, is it rushing towards you? Could you reach out and grab it? Does it feel like everything is about to happen? Or is the future less urgent, less known, untouchable?

It's possible that neither is true for you: you are not closer to the future or the past. This doesn't necessarily mean you are fully in the present – consider if you have a fantasy world you often visit, or if you try to lose yourself in the present (work, hobbies), or feel like you are trying to pounce down on the present (overindulging, impulsive decisions).

You might be a mix of all three. I lean towards the future. It feels very close to me. It fuels my sense of anxiety – the future gives me a sense of urgency or impending doom.

Knowing that I feel the future so imminently helps me lean on the present. If I start to feel stressed out about something a couple months away, I try to remember something that happened a couple months ago. I notice how far away a couple months ago is to me. I remind myself that that's actually how far away the future is as well.

Whether you are more in the past, present, or future, how can you use this information to support yourself? If you aren't sure where you are, take today to notice when you drop into memories or anticipation.

You are awesome,