TT #23: But what do you want

One of the ways that we can train our minds is by telling it what to move towards instead of what to move away from. So instead of saying, "I want to feel less stressed out," I would say "I want to feel more centered."

If I hear myself say, "I don't want to eat so unhealthy this weekend," I correct it to, "I want to eat super healthy this weekend." Or, "this room is so humid," changes to "I'm going to air this room out."

This isn't about bypassing – I'm not saying, "pretend things that are bad are actually good and just be positive." This is about moving forwards instead of backwards. Acknowledge you are bothered and decide what you want to feel. Don't just get stuck on the fact that you are bothered.

Here's the question you can ask yourself, "if I want less of x, what do I want more of?"

You are awesome,