TT #19: Unflattering photos

Today your tiny tool work is to find a photo of yourself that isn't flattering but that for whatever reason you really love. What do you love about this photo? What else? What you want to do with that knowledge?

Note that NOBODY HAS TO AGREE WITH YOU. You might find the photo unflattering even though your aunt or friend would say you look amazing. This isn't about their rubric for beauty. You find a photo that you think is unflattering, but for whatever reason you really love the photo anyway.

And my answers to those questions:
I love this photo because I look content and fulfillment and at ease. And my lips look full and I look like I just woke up. Even though my face is really puffy in the morning,  it is my favorite time of day. I just look really satisfied with myself for getting up early in this pic. And that's how I feel every time I get up early!

And what do I want to do with this knowledge? Take more morning selfies... Enjoy my face this stage of life.

No emails about what you think of this photo allowed :) We are picking out photos based on our own perception of reality- nobody else’s. 

If you want to share your photo, email it to me! I would love to see your faces.


You are awesome,


PS. Last week there was a tiny tool for bathroom dancing. I promised you all I would post my own bathroom dance on my Instagram story, but I never did it because I wanted to do a public bathroom and I never left the house. I'm posting my public bathroom dance in my story today! Go to my Instagram to check it out and if you are feeling up to it, share me your own bathroom dance :)

johannah bad face.jpg