TT #18: Rejection is God's protection

"Yes lives in the land of no." Rejection is a natural step on the road to acceptance. List three times you have been rejected. Next to each time, right why that rejection was necessary.

 Here are mine:

I didn't get hired for a job I really wanted in Brooklyn – I eventually got a job in the same organization at a different branch and found out the woman I would have worked for is a terrible boss.

I didn't get a full ride scholarship to grad school – it would have made it harder to realize I didn't want to go to grad school.

I didn't get the apartment I wanted in Sayulita – we moved to a town 10 minutes away and like it way more.

Today, put yourself in a situation where somebody could tell you "no." Lean into rejection. You are on your way to the right yes.

 you are awesome,