TT #16: Taste of your own medicine

There is that phrase, "he needs a taste of his own medicine." It's weirdly true. Usually the medicine or advice I prescribe to other people is what I need for myself.

One time I thought, "this person is such a bad listener. Every time I stop talking she just goes back to what she was saying." In that exact moment, she was talking and I was having these thoughts and… Not listening. My observation about her might be right, but I can also take the advice for myself and observe that being a good listener is way harder than it sounds.

Today, notice any time you try to take care of someone else or mentally give somebody else advice and ask yourself if that is actually what you need: should you actually be communicating more directly? Are you the one being defensive? Are you a bad listener? Should you take better care of yourself? Should you apologize more often?

if you think they need it, chances are, you would benefit from it. Find out today.

you’re awesome,