TT #12: good versus bad

How often do you say "good" or "bad" in a day? Most of the time when I use those two words, neither one is actually true. "I am a bad surfer.” Actually, I am doing pretty well when I consider that I am not athletic and haven't been surfing for long.

“He went to a charity dinner; he’s such a good person.” He gives some of his money away, not sure what kind of person he is though. Value judgments don't paint a full picture. And they create heaviness where we could feel light.  Consider the weight around "the traffic in LA is terrible" versus "there is a lot of traffic in LA." In the first example, you are going to feel terrible. That's the only possible conclusion.

In the second example, you are stating a fact but leaving yourself room to choose how you feel. Taking out the value judgment moves something from a complaint to an observation. The same can happen with the word good: "I used to be a really good swimmer," versus "I used to have more time for swimming and a coach who was invested in my growth." You are moving yourself from getting frustrated to being compassionate, and all you did was take out the value judgment.

Notice today when you use words like "good" and "bad." What is actually true? What happens when you rework the sentence without those value judgments?

you’re awesome,