TT #3: we're okay

How do you talk about yourself? I used to talk about myself like I wanted to distance myself from her: "yeah, ignore me", "I have no idea what I'm doing" , "wow, that was stupid of me."

Traveling solo forced me to have my own back. New phrases arose: "it's okay, we are okay", "I'm doing the best I can", "we are going to be fine."

Consider how you talk about/to yourself–especially in situations when you drop something, are surrounded by superiors, or people are waiting on you. 

Can you have your own back instead?

Today, make a notes section in your phone. At the top, write "I don't abandon myself.”  Write down the self-abandonment phrases you hear yourself saying today and what you would like to start saying instead. 

Send a screenshot to a friend for accountability. And because self-kindness is contagious.

We're awesome,