Hi, I'm Johannah.

I've surfed poorly on four continents, traveled full-time, and lasted multiple minutes with that Amazonian goddess-spider on my face. Before that, I was a counselor in Brooklyn.

I love coaching for the same reason I love to travel: it opens me up to new perspectives. Connecting with others takes me out of my mental box and shows me the world from new angles. 

I experienced life coaching for the first time while traveling. My coach helped me state my dreams outloud - and then made me commit to going after them. There is an incredible sense of alignment and adrenaline that comes from betting on yourself. My work with clients in over ten countries has shown me that our backgrounds vary but our sticking points are the same: we need someone to help us get the ball rolling on our dreams. 


Over and over, I've seen clients put life-giving projects on hold.

They have book deals, make films, and own feminist businesses. But they are waiting for security, reassurance, and permission so that they don't have to take a risk.

My mission is to make sure each client identifies her dream project and has the guts to go after it. 

I know it is scary to offer up the inside of your mind to the public, to fail at what you enjoy doing, and to actually find out if you are the person you've always hoped you were.

It is scary, but necessary. The only person in the way of your art is you. Our work together will uncover the beliefs that keep you down, hold you accountable to your work, and show you how to establish a relationship with yourself that makes your creative energy flow with joy and ease.