Clear away your fears. Carve out your identity. Know what you want.


How This Works


First, you’ll let go of the beliefs that make you play small: I'm not interesting, I don't know what I want to do with my life, I don't know what I want, I am better in a supportive role, I don't want to ruffle any feathers, I don't need attention, I am easy going.

Then create a space for your true identity to emerge: learn how to set boundaries, say no to what you don't want, become decisive, have your own opinions, feel stable in the face of conflict and expectations.

And finally, design your own life: know who you are, go after what you want, experience inner authority, look to yourself for advice and support, carve out your own identity, connect to your playfulness, do things because you want to.

Your Coach


I used to play it safe. I told myself I was low maintenance, but I was scared to ask life for anything. I made do with low salary positions, gray-area relationships, and tinkering with old artwork instead of making something new. But then I started conquering little fears, like asking for what I wanted. And I started getting to know myself and honoring my own desires. I never imagined I would backpack alone through Latin America, own surfboards, or be an entrepreneur. But that all happened. That's how I know it can happen for you, too.

"You really helped me clarify, in a physical and deeply emotional way, the sheer necessity of getting my ass in gear. I really appreciate how clear and how steadfast you were in creating the space for me to come to this realisation. I cannot thank you enough."

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