Johannah Bogart, life coach

bet on yourself


Declare your independence. Re-envision yourself. Be the expert on you.

This is for you

Your Coach


You don't have to be who everyone expects you to be. The only person you owe is yourself. Re-envision yourself as a partner, leader, and woman. You are the wise counsel you have been waiting for.


I used to play it safe. I told myself I was low maintenance, but I was scared to ask life for anything. I made do with low salary positions, gray-area relationships, and tinkering with old artwork instead of making something new. But then I started conquering little fears, like asking for what I wanted. And I started getting to know myself and honoring my own desires. I never imagined I would backpack alone through Latin America, own surfboards, or be an entrepreneur. But that all happened. That's how I know it can happen for you, too.

"The insight from our sessions stays with me in my everyday life. Each time we got together I really felt transformed in some way after - like I'd shifted to become even more of myself in a very real way."