Befriend your fear. Harness your truth.
Make your art.


How This Works


Writer's block. Procrastination. Fear of failure. Anxiety. Idea overwhelm. I'll spare you the rest -- you know what keeps you from getting your art out into the world.  Our work together will give you the tools to overcome your doubts and live up to your own potential. My clients resurrect their projects, publish their books, and meet their deadlines. Follow the link to curate the most productive program for you. 

Your Coach


I was scared to take risks for years. I needed a plan, a back-up plan, and permission from my friends before I made any decision. I couldn't handle life outside my comfort zone. At least, that's what I'd decided about myself. Fast forward eight years and I have lived in seven countries, speak three languages, and have my dream job. Beyond all my fear, on the other side of my comfort zone, was my truth. That's what I've witnessed for my clients, too.

"You really helped me clarify, in a physical and deeply emotional way, the sheer necessity of getting my ass in gear. I really appreciate how clear and how steadfast you were in creating the space for me to come to this realisation. I cannot thank you enough."

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